About Us
XINGYE INT'L GROUP DEVELOPMENT LTD is a non-regional, set real estate, mining, import and export trade, transport and logistics industry in a multi-field, cross-regional, comprehensive enterprise group. Registered capital 183 million yuan , more than 3000 employees.

The main industries of the group company are as follows:

The real estate industry-From commercial residential real estate to commercial real estate & the comprehensive development of urban infrastructure construction, has successfully accumulated a total of 1 million 1.2million square meters of construction area, the qualified rate up to 100% , the excellent rate up to 85%. Main projects are high-grade villas, high-end office buildings, shopping centers, and large city complex and Trade Center.

Investment in mining industry-Mainly in the northwest of China to invest in coal, iron ore, feldspar mining and processing. Annual production of 2 million tons of feldspar deep processing project will be completed and put into production.
Import& export trade-Mainly import kinds of imported food, beverage, wine and health products, textiles, machinery and mechanical accessories, as well as different kinds of building materials, wood, stone and so on.
Road transportation logistics industry-The group company currently has many kinds of vehicles, mainly responsible for cross-regional and cross-provincial cargo transport task.
The company is based on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, in the steady development of the main industry, to start strategic investments in cosmetics, biomedicine, medical devices, and high technology at the same time, cultivate diversified profit growth point.